Mission Statement





Ponoka Minor soccer association (PMSA) will follow and abide by policies and guidelines set out by Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) and Central Alberta Soccer Association (CASA) as well as policies implemented by PMSA.



  1.                 Each Competitive and House League team will be named 'Storm' for league, tournaments and media.  Noncompliance will result in disciplinary action from the Board.
  2.                 All P.M.S.A. Storm teams will compete at the Tier 4 level for league play.  A team may request to play in a higher Tier.  A written request must be presented to the Board.  At that time the Player Coach Development person and the Board will meet to decide the outcome.
  3.                 Each P.M.S.A. Storm team will be provided a green Storm jersey, which will be used for all games (unless color conflicts occur).  All Storm players will be required to wear black shorts and black socks.
  4.                 The P.M.S.A. Storm logo is the exclusive property of P.M.S.A. and as such, any team wishing to use the Storm logo on apparel needs written approval from the Board.
  5.                 All P.M.S.A. Storm teams must notify the Board in writing of all tournaments planned for the season; this can be done by emailing the Registrar.  Tournament entries must consider proper level of play (ie. Tiering) for participation.
  6.                 Teams wishing to travel outside the Province must complete a permission to travel form (available on the C.A.S.A. website) and submit it to the Board 4 weeks prior to travel date.


  1.                 Coaches will be selected by the Board and the Player Coach Development person for Competitive teams, based on qualifications and completed C.R. check. House League coaches are based on volunteer availability.
  2.                 Coaching clinics will be paid for by P.M.S.A. All Competitive team Head Coaches MUST be properly certified for the age level as required by A.S.A. All Coaches are encouraged to take offered training.
  3.                 All Coaches must provide a completed R.C.M.P. Criminal Record check, which are good for 3 years. Each Competitive team must have a coaching staff of the same gender as the team, and that person will be in the technical area at all times during game play.
  4.                 All teams will have a Parent Captain and/or Manager.
  5.                 Coaches are responsible for behaviour of players, coaching staff, and parents on and off the field.
  6.                 All Competitive team coaches will attend a pre-season coaches meeting, as well as a post-season meeting.
  7.                 Only Board approved coaching staff are allowed in the Technical Area during games - this will include Coaches, Team Manager, or bench parent. Practice sessions will be run by coaching staff, the C.P.D. person, or people approved by the Board.


  1.                 For a player to move from their proper age group to a higher age group a written request must be submitted to the Player Coach Development person and the Board.  The P.C.D. person and Board will have a meeting with the parents and coaches to determine viability of moving up.
  2.                 Call-ups should be tried when possible to give players a chance to play at the next age level, not exceeding the allowed number of games (3).
  3.                 Players being called up must meet the requirements of their original team first.  Call-ups must be approved by both coaches.
  4.                 A player may only move up one age group (for example – Under 12 to Under 14.).
  5.                 A House League player may play an age group below their proper age group if a special need situation is identified by the parent or guardian.


  1. Ponoka Minor Soccer Association Board of Directors determines all registration fees. These fees are to be assessed and approved on an annual basis
  2. Players that have been asked by PMSA to play at a higher level shall have the higher registration fee waived.
  3. Any player who has requested to play at a higher age level, and has been approved by the player coach development and the Board, must pay the registration rate for the higher level.
  4. All players MUST be registered prior to attending any practices and/or games.
  5. All registration forms MUST be signed by a parent or legal guardian for players under 18 years of age.
  6. Player registration information including name, address, phone number, parent/guardian name, e-mail address will be forwarded to the appropriate coaches.


  1.                 Payment may be made by the following methods: money order, certified cheque, personal cheque or cash.
  2.                 Financial assistance is available for those in need.
  3.                 Registration is not complete until payment is received. If payment is not received/financial assistance in place, your child will not be placed on a team.
  4.                 For players on PMSA Travel Teams, your CASA ID Card required for play will not be released until payment is received/financial assistance in place.
  5.                 There is a $20 surcharge for all "NSF" or "Stop Payment" cheques.

                        6.  A late fee of $10 will be charged for any registrations made after the designated registration dates.

                       7..   Payment may be made in cash installments. Arrangements must be made with the PMSA Board prior to the final date of registration.


  1.                 Refunds will be available up until close of registration only, minus an administration fee.
  2.                 Pro-rated refunds may be provided, at the discretion of the Board Members, after the start of season play. Each refund request will be examined on it's own merit.
  3.                 No refund will be issued for the following situations:

                        4.     A doctor's note will be requested by the Board for any injury related refund request.

                        5.        If the player's registration was paid by a sponsoring agency, any related refund will be issued to the             sponsoring agency.

                       6.     All requests for refunds must be submitted by e-mail to the Registar.

                         7.     Once C.S.A., A.S.A, C.A.S.A. fee's are paid, only 50% of the remaining collected registration fees will be refunded, if refund is approved.


  1.                 House league teams will be selected by the co-ordinators of each division.
  2.                 Competitive teams will have a maximum roster size of 20 players and the first 20 will be registered.
  3.                 Where there are enough players to form more than one viable team in a division, the C.P.D. person and the Board will form teams of equal strength.


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